Based in Australia Michelle has worked internationally designing features such as Eva Jin’s Saga of Light, Sean McNamara's The Kings Daughter, Stuart Beattie’s I Frankenstein, Gary McKendry’s Killer Elite and Paul Curries 2.22. 

Michelle has most recently completed Production Design on Sarah Spillane's True Spirit for Netflix family division and the Mark Williams thriller Blacklight featuring Liam Neeson

As a supervising Art Director her credits include Alex Proyas's feature film Knowing and Stuart Beattie’s Tomorrow When the War Began.
Art Director credits include Marvel’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings. Adam Wingard's Godzilla v Kong, Aquaman by James Wan and Ridley Scotts’s Alien Covenant. PJ Hogans Peter Pan, Star Wars Episode 2. Mission Impossible 2, Dark City and The Wachowski’s The Matrix.

Michelle received an AACTA nomination for Production Design on the feature film Killer Elite.

Her work on the TV series, The Code, won the Television category for Production Design at the 2015 APDG Awards.

The US Art Directors Guild has also recognised her achievements nominating her for both Starter Wife and The Matrix.

Michelle has and recently received an APDG craft award as Art Director on Alien Covenant.

Michelle holds a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design and APDG accreditation.

For more information please see Michelle's IMDB page.